Already a Bloomz user & you got a Class Access Code to join your child's classroom?  Please follow the steps below to join your class - 

  • Click Add/ Join Class in the left navigation tray
  • In Create Account screen, Click Join a class/group
  • Enter the Class Access Code in the Enter Access Code text box
  • Click Next
  • Enter the Child Name if not listed or choose from the list
  • Click Join Class

Note: The teacher will receive an email notification regarding the verification of the parent for the class. The parent has successfully joined his/her child’s class using the code. He/she can only see the Feed screen once the teacher approves.

PS: If your teacher set the Manually Approve each request to join the class as ON, then the parent will be in pending verification state, meaning you only have limited access to the class. Your teacher will get a notification that you have requested for access. Once she approves it, you will have full access to the class. 

Please note that Class Access Codes are alphanumeric. If you have a numeric code, then it is an invite code tied to a specific email. For you to join a class within a class you will need a Class Access Code.