With Bloomz, you have different options to invite people to your class or group:

- By email (whether using the app or your default email app), you can copy and paste email addresses, type them in, or even import an existing list you have on Excel.
- Via Class Code, which allows you to provide parents a code that's unique to the class so they can sign up on their own.
To add parents and other users to a class via phone number, click your Class or Group, then click the the Plus button and click Type emails or phone numbers manually, and follow the steps. 

Each of these has it's benefits.  Inviting by email allows parents to start receiving notifications via email, even when they haven't signed up for a Bloomz account yet.  Class Code on the other hand, is an easy way for parents to sign up and share the code with other members of the family (e.g. grandparents).

For more on how to invite members, read here