With the Auto Notices in Bloomz, you can make parents aware of even more topics going on in the District and School in order to expand your communication and awareness of functions in your community like Bus Schedules, Health Checks, Progress Reports, Attendance, and more.  

When sending Auto Notices- parents can respond back to reply to your notice.  Message responses for Auto Notices are private and immediate.  The administration can check these responses and approve them to ensure that there is a complete circle of communication around the notice that was sent out to members.

Parents Auto Notice Response Directions:

  1. Open the notification center by clicking the Bell icon.

  2. Click on Send a Note button.

  3. Type the message in the message thread opened in response to the Auto Notice.

  4. Click on Dismiss button to remove the notice from notification center

Administration Auto Notice Response Directions:

  • Click on Dashboard tab and open the deliverability report of a specific Auto Notice instance.
  • Scroll down to see the recipients list
  • Point the mouse onto the icon specific row in the Message column to view the auto notice message delivered to the recipient.
  • Look at the Responses column.
  • Click on the icon of any specific row to see the responses from recipients.  
    • Icon color blue indicates that there are unacknowledged responses in that thread and 
    • Icon grey color indicates that there are no unacknowledged messages.
  • Click on Mark as Acknowledged button to acknowledge the conversation.

To Learn More about Auto Notices go here:  Creating and Managing Auto Notices with Bloomz