Bloomz Premium for Schools administrators will now be able to access insightful and actionable reports on school-wide interactions. Your school interaction coordinator and administrators will now be able to view reports to view and sort student cumulative point totals across a school, identify the top positive and negative interactions being flagged at the school, analyze trends with interactions occurring at specific locations, and more. 

These reports will help support school-wide incentive programs for students looking to earn rewards from their positive choices, as well as empower decision-making across the school staff to provide the best social-emotional support for students.

NOTE: Interaction reports are available with some Bloomz for Schools Premium subscriptions (not Teacher Premium). If you would like to inquire about whether behavior reports are available with your subscription or to ask our team about a Bloomz Premium for Schools subscription, email

As an administrator, you will only be able to access these interaction reports on the desktop site, so make sure you log into on your computer to view.

To view the Interaction Reporting Dashboard, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the community in your left navigation panel.
  • From your feed, click the Reports tab.
  • Select the Interaction Reports

There are four reports that you can filter and aggregate on the interaction reporting dashboard. Click on the following reports to view more detail

Each of these reports allow the Administrator to appropriately filter the data to analyze what he or she is needing. Along with viewing the results by staff, students, interactions, and locations, the reports also can be refined down to show data by:

  • Groups (Showing the entire school or filtering down to show a selected classroom/group(s)
  • Date (Showing only a specific date range)

Each of these reports can be viewed in graph or list view by clicking the icons under the filters.

  • Graph View:

  • List View:

Under list view, administrators can further drill down and sort in more detail

NOTE: The Total Points in the interaction reporting dashboard is the balance of points that students have available. 

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