Do you have parents whose primary language isn't English? Do they need to see your updates in their language? Bloomz helps users to set up their preferred language. Once they set up, they will be able to see updates in their language. Check out these steps for setting the preferred language. 

While creating the account:

  • In the Sign-Up screen, there is the Language field the
  • By default, the language is set to English
  • Click on it to change 
  • Select your language from the list of languages in the Preferred language screen
  • Dismiss out of the Preferred Language screen
  • Finish creating your account

 Note: Please check out - Seeing updates in my preferred language

Once you created the account, you can also set your preferred language by going to the Account Settings

  • Click on the wheel icon or profile avatar in the left navigation tray.

  • Click Account Settings

  • Click Preferred Language

  • Choose your preferred language.

  • Click Save.

 Note: Please check out - Seeing updates in my preferred language