Accepting a Personal Connection/ Spouse Invitation - 
New to Bloomz (User has not created an account on Bloomz yet)
  1. You will receive an email from the Inviter via Bloomz with an Invitation code  in it.
  2. Go to 
  3. Tap Join Bloomz
  4. Click Create Account
  5. Click Join a Class/Group 
  6. Copy paste the Invite Code from the email into the Enter invitation / access Code text box.
  7. Tap Next 
  8. Follow the steps to set up your account on Bloomz 
  9. Once done you will be able to access the group/ class/ community for which you received the invitation
  10. If the invite code is for spouse or personal connection, once done with the account set up you are connected to your spouse/ friend on Bloomz.