Parents who do not have emails or smart-phones, can choose to join their class via TEXT. To do so, they will need the class access code. 

To sign up via Text - 

  • Text @class access code to 1-858-BLOOMZ1 (1-858-256-6691) to receive 1-way text messages from your teacher
  • As part of signing up via text - when you enter your full name and or child's full name you will be receiving a link to the app and a temporary password
  • Please note that text sign up provides only one-way communication. You cannot reply to the messages sent to you by the teacher. You can also not view the Photos, Attachments or cannot sign up for events. 
  • To view the photos, attachments, or sign up for events or reply to the messages - please sign in with your phone number and the temporary password sent to you as text.