You can personalize your class/community/group page by uploading a cover photomascot image, and setting a color theme.

The personalization of your class will be displayed in the following ways.

  • The color theme you set shows for all the events you add in your Class/Community/Group calendar. 
  • The Mascot image shows in the posts that you make if you choose your signature in the post to be your class name. 


Uploading Cover Photo 

  • Tap the Menu at the top left corner
  • The left navigation tray opens 
  • Click the name of the Class/Community/Group
  • Click the Camera icon at the top right corner of the group's banner
  • Select from the Cover Photo Options pop-up dialog
  • Based on the option selected, select the image you want to set as Cover Photo
  • Adjust the selected image to the screen and Click Save

Uploading Mascot Image

  • Click the Mascot Image
  • Click any option Pick from Phone / Take photo / Pick from Album
  • Click Class Photos from Pick from Album screen
  • Select the picture you want to upload as mascot photo

The image is uploaded in the Home Feed Screen.

Setting up the Color theme on the Mobile app

  • Click the Settings wheel on the top right of the class/Community/Group page to open the menu
  • Click the Edit Settings 
  • Click color next to the Theme
  • Pick a Color from a variety of colors and click Custom
  • Select Done

Setting up the Color theme on Web

  • Click the Settings wheel icon at the top right of your Class/Community/Group page 
  • Select Edit Settings from the Class Options screen
  • Click Theme
  • Select a Color from the Theme screen and Click Custom
  • Click Done