Bloomz makes sharing and communication easy. Post updates, such as School news, event reminders, or volunteer/member recognition,  to your community. The photos shared through posts will be automatically saved in the community album!!! You can also attach files to your update.

Follow the steps below:

  • Select the icon to the bottom right corner of the Home screen of the community (iPhone/Android only)
  • Click +Create button to the top right corner of the Home screen of the community (Desktop)
  • Click Post from the drop-down menu
  • Select the names from the list of community/subgroups/Administrators/child's parents or enter names in the To: field
  • Click Done
  • Enter the text in the Title and Body in the Create post page 
  • Choose Media at the bottom menu
  • Select the photos you want to post 
  • Choose Audio if you want to record/ Audio
  • Tap Attach Files
  • Select the file you want to attach
  • Choose Schedule if the post need to be visible for a particular time 
  • Choose the Comments icon if you don't want Recipients to comment
  • Also Share option can be selected, if want to share through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Web/RSS. 
  • Click Post
  • If you choose Send Post, it is posted in the community
  • If you choose Save a Template option, then it's saved as a template (Only for Premium Account!)

Note: The post is visible to all the members shared in the community. The members receive the mail regarding the post.