You can request volunteers, thereby allowing parents to participate in recurring class events, by following these simple steps. 

Navigating to the Volunteer Help form - 

  • Click on the Class name in the left navigation tray
  • Click on Signups in the Updates tab

Creating recurring Volunteer Help request  - 

  • Click on the plus icon on the bottom right of the screen
  • Select Volunteer Help from the quick links menu
  • Select +Need Items or +Need People
  • Input the name of the task in the Enter task name (eg: Transcribers)
  • If additional items/ people are needed, select +Need Items or +Need People 
  • Input the number of people in the x1 field
  • Click Next
  • Input Location and Notes
  • Select from the Remind All options to set a reminder for all 
  • Input Start Date and Time, End Date and Time 
  • To set this as a Recurring volunteer request, select Repeat and choose the repeat option.
  • Click End Repeat and set the end of the recurrence event
  • Click Next
  • Select recipients for the sign up (Select all roles of the class)
  • Click Done
  • Type in a message to send in the email notification
  • Click Send

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Please view the video tutorial.