If you enabled student timelines option for your class, then you will be provided with an option to enable the Student Access code for your class. This is a QR code. You can download the QR code, print it and paste it on your class wall for students to scan the code and access their timelines.



To generate a QR code which is specific to each student in the class: 

  • Click on the Feed tab in your class page 
  • Click on the Access Code icon 
  • Click For Students 
  • Click Generate student specific codes 
  • Scroll to the bottom and download the PDFs OR/AND
  • Click Get Printout 
  • Select your printer, # of copies, and the Range
  • Click Print 

To generate a QR code which is common to the whole class: 

  • Click on the Feed tab in your class page
  • Click on the Access Code icon 
  • Click For Students
  • Click Generate common class code for students
  • Click the PDF link to download it in one tap
  • Click Done