If you enabled the student timelines option for your class, you will be provided with an option to enable the Student-Access code for your class. For Elementary School, this is a QR Code with no log-in required, you can print it out and have students scan it. For Middle and High School, this is a text-based code that they can type.

How to select level of school:

You must be in Shared Account Access to generate QR Codes. To set the mode to Elementary, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the feed of the class

2. Click on the settings gear in the top right

3. Click Edit Settings

4. Click on the Features tab

 5. Click Shared Account Access or Individual Account Access

6. Select Shared Account Access (or Individual Account Access, however you can't use QR codes if you choose this option)

How to generate QR Code (Only Shared Account Access):

  • Click on the Feed tab in your class page 
  • Click on the Access Code icon 
  • Click For Students 
  • In the Student Access screen, Click View QR Code

How to Generate Individual Code for Each Student (Individual Account Access ):

1. Go to the feed of the class, and select the key icon

2. Click For Students

3. Click Generate student specific codes (If you do not see this screen it means you are in elementary school mode follow the steps at the beginning of the article on how to change the mode of school)

To generate a code that is common to the whole class: 

  • Click on the Feed tab in your class page
  • Click on the Access Code icon 
  • Click For Students
  • Click Generate common class code for students
  • Click the PDF link to download it in one tap
  • Click Done 

For Elementary School:

For Individual Account Access :