You can now attach an audio clip to your post and share an update with your own voice, read a book to your students, or really anything you can think of putting in voice (sing, anyone?).

To post an audio clip update to your class/ group:

  • Navigate to your class
  • Click on Create in the Home feed  ( If on Desktop)
  • Click on + icon on the bottom right corner of the Class Feed screen (If on iPhone/Android App)
  • Click Post/Announcements/Alerts
  • Select the names from the subgroup/members in the To field
  • In the Post/Announcements/Alerts at the bottom, Select Audio icon
  • Click Record Audio (to record the audio)


    Click Attach Audio (to attach a prerecorded audio file)

  • Enter the text in the title and body of the post/Announcement/Alerts
  • Click Post on the top right corner.

Note: After recording, the audio clip will show up in your post from where you can play it before posting.