With the new post templates, you don’t have to create the same content over and over. While working on a new post for your class or school, if you know you may be using similar content in the future, simply save it as a template before you post.

Creating Post for My Class:

  • Click the name of the class in the left navigation tray
  • Click + at the bottom right of the mobile app 
  • Click +Create at the top right corner of the desktop
  • Click Post from the drop-down menu
  • Select the names from the list of community/class/group or Enter names in the To field
  • Enter the Show From and Show Till dates and times
  • Enter Title and body on the Create Post page
  • You can insert photos/ videos/ Files/ Audio/Comments by tapping on the icons at the bottom 
  • Click Post
  • Click Send Announcement or Save a template if you want to save it to the app.


To Save as Template

  • Click Create 
  • Click Post 
  • Compose the post (enter the Title and Description)
  • Click Post 
  • Click Save as Template

To access the saved Templates

The saved templates can be accessed at the top of your class feed, or while creating a new post.

From the class feed 

This image shows where the templates can be found from the feed. 

From the post creation form

This image shows how the templates can be accessed while creating the post. All you need to do is click Create Post and the list of templates will show. Please note that this screen will only show in post creation form only when you have at least one saved template. 

To Edit/ Delete or Share Templates

Another great thing about templates is that they can be shared with anyone in your school, so everyone can benefit from them!

  • Click on the Templates in your feed
  • Click the down arrow
  • Click Edit/ Delete / Share with