Members can RSVP to a particular event on Bloomz. They can either AcceptDecline or select Maybe


  1. Members will receive the Event Invite post with Accept/ Decline/ Maybe buttons in the Home feed 
  2. The Event Invite with Accept/ Decline/ May Be can also be seen at the top in the My Calendar screen
  3. The Recipient can either Accept/ Decline/ Maybe the event invitation
  4. A notification is sent to the creator of the event about the RSVP choice made by the member.
  5. Tapping Accept will add the event to the  My Calendar 
  6. Tapping Decline will add the event to the My Calendar but striked off.
  7. Tapping Maybe will add the event to the My Calendar.
  8. If the member chooses to change his RSVP he can do that by tapping on the event in the My Calendar and tapping on My status at the top.