Bloomz now allows the teacher/ admins to add another teacher or staff member as the Moderator to the class who can moderate the content that is being posted to the class. 

By default, the admin/ teacher who created the class becomes the Moderator. Other staff members can also be added as a Moderator. 

To assign someone as a Moderator: 

  • Navigate through your class in the left menu 
  • Click Manage icon 
  • Click Staff tab 
  • Click the radio button to the left of the name of the person 
  • Click Add as a Moderator 

PS: Update successfully pop-up shows up. Whoever is added as a moderator will get notifications in the notification center (bell icon) to moderate the posts or comments added by the parents. 

The same steps can be performed to add someone as a moderator to the community. Whoever is added as a moderator to the community will be moderating the posts and comments made by the parents to the community!