With Bloomz you are able to upgrade your classroom communication experience for your access from the "free" to the "teacher premium" with more features for additional convenience, control, and ease of use. Read below for more details and availability - the following changes will be implemented soon. 



  Teacher Free
Teacher Premium 

($95.99 per year currently.
Changing to $125 per year soon)

For School-wide Premium, please schedule a call.

Posts & AnnouncementsYes
SMS MessagingCan invite parents via phone numbers, but no ongoing SMS
Calendar & Event SchedulingLimited Agenda View
All Views 
Parent-teacher conferencesYesYes
Volunteer signupsYesYes
Student portfoliosYesYes
Behavior managementLimitedYes
PBIS/SEL Interactions Access
2 Interactions per day per student
Daily Limit of 80 Interactions per day

No support for Flags (escalations) or locations
Unlimited Interactions per day

No support for Flags (escalations) or locations
Health Checks
Bulk media downloads
Attendance Reports
Premium features for parents includedParents pay separately to upgrade
Cloud storage*125 media items
(including photos & videos) - 1 GB
2 GB
Calendar monthly and weekly views No Yes
Photo captionsNoYes
Premium Calendar ViewNoYes
Classroom ReportsNoYes
Data/Engagement dashboard
Print event history NoYes
Media Sharing
Class ArchivalNoYes
Classes allowed per Teacher13
Co-Teachers per class
1 Co-Teacher

1 Co-Teacher

Room Parents per class12
Class Admins per classNone
Students per class3050
Parents per class60100
TranslationPosts & Announcements onlyPosts, Announcements, and Messages

*Cloud storage size is calculated with an average size per photo, video, and document sharing on Bloomz. Portfolio items are not included in this calculation.


1.    Is anything changing in Bloomz?

In the coming weeks, we will be implementing these changes and would recommend you familiarize yourself with upcoming changes. 

2.    Why is Bloomz charging for these premium features?

Here at Bloomz, we are on a mission to be the finest all-in-one communication app on the market and have done our best to keep our paid plans affordable for our teachers and administrators. In order to stay competitive and profitable in the communication space, we want to make you aware that we will be making these changes to our "Free Teacher" and "Teacher Premium" plans.

3.    How do I subscribe to Bloomz Teacher Premium?

To subscribe, please follow the instructions here. 

4.    Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes! you can cancel within the first 15 days by emailing support@bloomz.com for a refund. 


In addition to our app Terms & Conditions, subscribers to the Bloomz Teacher Premium, agree to the following terms:

  • Some features may not yet be available and may be launched after your purchase.
  • Your subscription is effective for 1 calendar year starting with your purchase. Your account will be charged at confirmation of purchase.
  • Your subscription will renew automatically within 24 hours prior to the end of the current term at the then-current price. We'll send you a notice email reminding you that your plan is about to renew within a reasonable period of time prior to the renewal date.
  • You're responsible for all applicable taxes, and we'll charge tax when required to do so. 
  • Your Paid Account will remain in effect until it's canceled or terminated under these Terms. If you don't pay for your Paid Account on time, we reserve the right to suspend it or reduce your plan to free space levels.
  • We may change the fees in effect but will give you advance notice of these changes via a message to the email address associated with your account.
  • You may cancel at any time by emailing support@bloomz.com. You may ask for a refund within the first 15 days as long as no content has been downloaded after payment.
  • Bloomz Convenience Pack: The Bloomz Convenience Pack is not a license for or purchase of any kind to the rights of the images, video, or audio contained in the items downloaded. Not all content, including but not limited to pictures, audio, and video, may be available for download. Bloomz does not own the rights to this content and only charges for convenient access to it. As established in our app Terms & Conditions, Bloomz assumes all rights to the content submitted to its service are owned by the person submitting it, who in turn grants a license to Bloomz to access for the sole purpose of distributing it to allowed persons. Please read our app Terms & Conditions for all details on user submission rights, copyright violations, and DMCA compliance.
  • By purchasing our subscription plan, you agree to these terms. Any terms established herein complement and supersede those in our app Terms & Conditions.
  • If you have any questions about this subscription or want to enable Bloomz Teacher Premium for your whole school, please write to us at support@bloomz.com.