Students can access the class list, pick their timeline and then take pictures of their work, annotate on it and then submit to the teacher. Once the work is submitted, it remains in pending approval status until the teacher publishes it. When the teacher publishes it, it gets added to the timeline and the work is sent to the parents. 

To set up Bloomz access for Students in your class:

  • Add Students
  • Click Access Codes in the cover photo area of your class page
  • Click For Students
  • Click Get Student Code
  • Click Enable Student Code
  • Copy the code and give it to your students

Students can submit their work on the Chrome Books or Laptops by following these steps: 

  • Go to
  • Click Sign In 
  • Click I'm a Student
  • Enter the Student Code
  • Click Sign In 
  • Select the student name from the class student list
  • Student Timeline is seen
  • Click plus icon
  • Click Photo icon
  • Take Photo / Pick from library
  • Click on Photo to draw
  • Click Done
  • Add Title/ Description (optional)
  • Click Post

PS: Student work shows in the student timeline as waiting for approval. Once teacher reviews the post and publishes it the post gets added to the timeline.