Masquerade Feature

Bloomz Application is now coming up with a new feature “Masquerade”. This feature is available for Premium Districts and Premium Schools only, exclusively for administrators of the districts and schools.

This feature allows administrators can access their staff’s, parents and students profiles. 

Here, you have to follow some processes to enable and access this feature. 

Launch the bloomz app on your browser. Login to bloomz using your credentials.

Open your District/School you are the admin of, from the left panel as shown below. 

Click on the “Settings” icon 

Choose the “Edit Settings” option in the dialogue box as shown below.

Go to the “Features” section in the “Settings for School/District” 

There you can find the “Masquerade” feature. 

Turn ON the “Masquerade” option as shown below. If you are facing any issues here, please contact our support team.

After enabling the “Masquerade” feature, save the settings by clicking the “Done” button.

Now, go to School/District’s Manage section.

Since you have enabled the feature, you can access the profiles of your school/district members - Parents, Students and Staff members.

Go to the “Parents/Students/Staff” Tab.

Select a User profile

Selecting a user profile, it will show you the details of the user with some options. From those options, you can see the “Masquerade” option.

On clicking on the Masquerade button, it will drive you to the two-factor authentication page, where you need to profile the “verification code” sent to your email address, which is mandatory for Masquerade.

Once, you provide the verification code, click on “Submit”

Then you are masquerade session will begin, and you can access your school/district members' profile at full length.

Once you are done accessing your members' profiles, click on the User profile name to open the user’s profile options.

Click on the “Sign out” option  from the list of profile options

On clicking on “Sign Out”, your masquerade session will be completed and you will be taken back to your profile.

There are some limitations to this feature.

You only access those profiles, who are members of your groups only. If the user is part of some other group/school/district you cannot access those profiles.