Engagement Reports

For administrators, the engagement reports will generate a list of all the classes in your school, with a summary of all the activities in these classes. It will help the administrator know how teachers in the different classes are engaging with their parents, providing quick data for all on the different Bloomz features.

Who Can View the Engagement Reports?

Only admins will be able to view the schoolwide reports. Teachers will have access to reports for their individual classes and groups.

How do I access the Engagement Report?

For District Administrators:
  • Click on Show for All Groups from the left menu.
  • Click the Reports tab.

  • Select the date range.

For School Administrators:
  • Click on School Community from the left menu. Click the Reports tab.

  • Click on the Engagement Report
  • Select the date range that you would prefer to view this data.
  • The engagement reports of every class of which the teacher/admin is in, will show up here. At the top of the administrator dashboard, there's a summary of all the metrics, with a line for all activity, activity for the school as a whole, and then an average for all the classes. This is then followed by each individual class' metrics, for the specific period of time.