You can post an Alert in Bloomz to notify parents about an urgent message. This Alert will be sent to them in Email, Push Notification and also in App Notification. Examples of Alerts - Power Outage, Snow Closure, Bear spotting etc

  1. Click on the name of the community in the left navigation tray
  2. If on iPhone/Android app - Click + icon in the bottom right corner of the Class Feed
  3. If on desktop - Click +Create blue button in the top left corner of the Class Feed
  4. Click Alert in the drop down menu
  5. An Alert is normally used to communicate urgent or important ... pop up will be seen 
  6. Click Continue
  7. Input Title and body.
  8. Optionally attach a picture or a file.
  9. Click on Post
  10. Posted Successfully message will be seen 
  11. The Alert will be seen in the top of your feed.