How much does Bloomz cost?

Bloomz is FREE for Parents and Teachers, and our commitment to you is that we will always offer a holistic set of tools for you to connect, communicate and coordinate with parents, at no cost. If your school is interested in implementing Bloomz, please fill out the form here for an online demo and pricing.

If it's free, then how does Bloomz make money?

Bloomz is funded by prestigious investor groups like 8VC, FFVC and others, as well as past senior leaders at Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft and other reputable companies, which allows us to focus all of our efforts on growing and improving Bloomz.

We also recently launched premium products for parents, teachers and schools that they can sign up for, or stay in the free service if preferred. We will continue to add functionality to our free app in the future, bringing unmatched value to parents and educators, while we explore with others sources of revenue. Rest assured, your satisfaction, is our top-most priority.

We don't require Parents or Teachers to pay for Bloomz  and we do not sell users' private information to other companies.  To learn more about our policies regarding user privacy, please read our Privacy Policy.

School pricing - It is per student pricing and is based on the enrollment count 
Teacher premium Pricing - $98.99 per year 
Parent Premium Pricing - $19.99 per year