Bloomz is excited to announce that there is now an option for Bloomz for Schools users to schedule daily autosyncs with Clever data. This will allow the rosters and contact information in Bloomz to stay up-to-date as students and contacts change with school information.

NOTE: Contact your Bloomz representative or to enable this setting if you do not see it. This is only available for Bloomz for Schools users.

  • Click into your community on the left navigation menu. Click the Settings tool icon at the top center of the screen.

  • Click Edit Settings.
  • Click the Bulk Data Import tab.

  • Click the drop down arrow next to Clever Import.

  • Toggle the Scheduled Import from Clever on or off. Click Done when complete.

NOTE: If the scheduled import from Clever is turned on, this will remove any contact that has been added manually to Bloomz if those updates are not reflected in Clever.