Email Event History will allow the teacher to email the history of the events that he/she added to the class calendar for the time range they choose. An email with a PDF will be sent to their Bloomz login email. The event history helps to track the Volunteers sign ups in the past, submit conference records to the administration etc., 

Email Event History option can be used by teachers/admins who purchased the Teacher Premium Plan or Teachers who belong to a school which purchased the Bloomz for Schools Premium Plan. 

To avail this feature - 

Click on the class name in the left menu
Click Settings (Wheel icon) 
Click Email Event History 
If you have not purchased the Teacher Premium, please purchase. Once you purchase:
Click on Email Event History
Choose the Date Range
Click Send


Can an School Admin use the Email Event History feature for his community?

Yes. If the school purchased the Bloomz for Schools Premium, the admin of the school can use this feature in his community. 

I can use Email Event History in one group and in another group it is asking me to upgrade. Why?
Please note that when the school pays for the Bloomz for Schools premium and you are a teacher in the school, then this feature is available only the classes that belong to that school. If you have classes or groups outside of that school you will not be able to use this feature unless you upgrade to the Teacher premium. 

If I  purchase the Teacher Premium Plan will I be able to use Email Event History feature in all the classes I create?
Yes. You can use the feature in all the classes and groups you create, event if they are associated with different schools. 

Can I change the email to which the Event History PDF needs to be sent to? 
No. You can only send it to your Bloomz login email.